You're not old enough to drink.

Please inform me of the plan ahead of time.


You can't believe a word of it.

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We can't do anything at this time.


If it weren't for the sun, life would be impossible.

Kimberly has to go see Diane.

Change underwear daily.

He wants to learn how to cook.

At the train station, once I had figured out where the queue for tickets actually was, I began the long wait.

It's cold around here.

He is the man you can rely on.

Stephen is still very agitated.

This song is familiar to us.

The professor gave me a warning for being distracted.

Who cares what they think?


She is known for her soup.

The turkey was tender and juicy.

I get tired.

When I was a boy, I always got up early.

He is far from telling a lie.

He burned the croutons.

Juergen is gorgeous.

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Tell her that I am waiting for her.


Emily will recite the book.

My grandfather made the company what it is today.

He hurt his left hand with a knife.

A background check is required.

That was so good a book that I read it three times.


Theodore is choking to death.

Isaac pretended like it never happened.

You add short examples.

She was sick in bed yesterday.

Annard reads three or four books a month.

Don't wait too long.

He got through with his work.

I don't say goodbye, I say "until next time."

It is estimated that only a few hundred pandas remain, with a small number of them being raised in zoos in China and abroad.

Meeks isn't taking a vacation this year.

I feel like dancing in the fields.

I just need to talk to you.

They tell themselves that they certainly won't be able to go again on All Saint's Day.


I'm having trouble reading the letters on the monitor.

That man stole my purse.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I nearly blacked out.

They had no money left.


I hope everyone is happy.

"Oh! they'll find him guilty," said the other. "Don't you be afraid of that."

We lost a lot of time.

Woody threw the dart.

If I had known about your illness, I would have visited you in the hospital.

This is a good deal.

Kevyn doesn't even know how to write his own name.

Are you referring to me?

The fog prevented the planes from taking off.

It's too bad you can't come with us today.

I never realized how much I'd miss you.


I'm coming to the hotel.

I don't want to go back to Boston.

Bud wasn't fat.

There is one way.

Naim has done a good job for us.

Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.

His bag was heavy, and what was worse, one of his heels had got blistered.

The bishop took pity on the desperate immigrants.

How did you kill Kitty?


Let's not kid ourselves.

I wish Sanford were still here.

He wrote a novel based on ancient myths.

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This is an extremely serious matter.

Is there a problem?

I gave him a grammar book.

I've got a magazine article I want to show you.

The perpetrator was Canadian.


Lance used to be my roommate.

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This time, you won't escape punishment.

I'm not sure how to begin.

They can understand everything we are saying.


I don't like the idea, but we'll have to let him choose his team.


I thought Pratap would talk about that.

She painted a wall.

I'm not much of a mechanic.


Everyone around here likes us.


I'm happy to be here.

It's not like I've got any special interest in gym shorts - I've not got that fetish, I think.

I touched the bottom of the pool.

Put your weapon down.

Today I'm paying!

Marcos said, "budge over," forced his way in and sat down.

He has two houses, one in Turkey and another one in Germany.

He is the only friend I can really trust.

He stopped resisting, and resigned himself to his fate.

After long reflection, I ended up making things as they go.

I felt drawn toward him.

She needs someone who is able to understand her.

They are on their way home.


He did his best only to fail again.

He wasn't worthy of suspicion.

Change is good.

I never thought Myron would do something like that.

We could meet you at 2:30.

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Say you're sorry.

He's an accomplished artist.

Rabin walked over to the door and opened it.


The system will be adjusted to what it is that you are allowed to see.


She bought him a car, but he didn't have a driver's license so he couldn't drive it anywhere.


Frederick didn't touch his lunch.

I will grant that you are right on this point.

Do you know of any inexpensive stores?


Please give my best thanks to her.

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Kenn shouldn't have told me.

Poverty and crime will never be eradicated completely.

You don't owe them anything.

I just don't want you to do something you'll be sorry for.

Claudia left his bed unmade.

Tell me what you did to Wade.

The sand is yellow, and also the sun is yellow. The sand and the the sun are yellow.

That's not a cat. That's a dog.

That was what I meant.

Louise could be in real trouble.

Please don't open the train doors until the train has stopped.


I like the station, but they broadcast the news too often.

A strange sound was heard from behind the door.

It is a pleasure to watch a baseball game on TV.

I kiss with my eyes open.

You're full of yourself.


I've apologized, so get off my back.


He wrote a book on china.


Srinivasan wears thick glasses.


Help me lift the package.

Please give us your answer as soon as possible.

I don't think anybody can help me now.


You should definitely ask him out.

I was about to reply, when an almost general exclamation made us turn our eyes to the panel.

This truck is in need of repair.

The gracious lady seemed like a flower that was rather stiff in the stalk.

Be careful! The soup is very hot.

Stay with us! Thus, you will learn fresh and interesting news earlier than every other inhabitant of our planet. Tatoeba: Always a good choice.

I'll speak to him alone.

The cricket is a good singer who can sing long notes.

I'm mean.


I thought you'd quit smoking.

Quite a few people went to the concert.

Harry taught me most of the French I know.


Raphael is twice as old as Huey.


Your father will lose face if you don't keep your promise.

Your argument is not based in fact.

Let the game begin!

We have to find somewhere safe to wait.

I really wish you hadn't done that.


I told Josh that the party wouldn't be much fun.

I need to shave.

I know you don't ever want to see me again.


Dorian doesn't seem to be much happier.

The patient suffers from hallucinations.

Pardon me, would you explain to me the importance of this phrase?

I wish I hadn't punched Lee in the nose.

These apples are so delicious!


You're reckless.

Dorothy told me that you were with him yesterday afternoon.

I'll call at Mr Brown's house tomorrow.

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I don't know anybody named Rees.